Digital Advertising An Essential Tool For Small Businesses


Last year, a Business Development Bank of Canada study revealed that 84% of Canadians are connected to the internet, owning 2.6 internet-capable devices on average. Technology is transforming the way small business owners attract consumers and a digital presence has become essential, particularly one on both desktop and mobile.

“A company that isn’t present on all digital platforms is limiting its opportunities to reach customers each day and continue growing their client base,” said Matthieu Houle, Vice-President of Digital Media at Yellow Pages.

According to a Yellow Pages study, nearly 75% of Canada’s small businesses have a website, but 67% don’t have a mobile version, which could actually attract more traffic to their site.

By 2017, Canadian companies are expected to invest $1.3 billion in advertising for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, which would be equivalent to about one third of the investment in TV advertising.

Why have mobile ads become a must for companies? Here are two reasons.

1. Mobility isn’t restricted to devices; people are always on the move.

Every month, one individual in four uses a retailer’s mobile app or the mobile version of its website to look up products and services, find a store that sells them or figure out the easiest way to get there. “Once in the store, they price shop or ask people they know about their options. Mobile advertising can be used to give potential customers information at this crucial stage in the buying process,” added Houle.

2. Mobile ads can target consumers more strategically.

Targeting the right audience is key to a successful ad campaign. Newspapers don’t all have the same readership. So, when ads appear on mobile phones, the target can be much narrower, enabling concepts to be developed that can grab the attention of the specific consumers you want to reach.