Did you know you have an extra second?

By Tanya Thibodeau

2016 is a special year that will give us one precious extra second on December 31st. If you weren’t already aware of this, you should read this: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/07/leap-second-added-year-december-time-clocks-earth-science/.

We have only five months before this important moment and there is much vital planning to be done. While the egg-heads play gishwhes with the next leap second, I have decided to give my personal second special consideration this year.

There were several runner ups. Extending that ever passionate New Year’s Eve kiss with a loved one, but the loved one is still on the to-do list. Popping a breath mint in case my to-do list loved one materializes, but creepy if he just shows up at my house unannounced. Enjoying that extra precious moment hugging a child, but they’ll likely be at their own parties getting their own precious hug.

But I have determined that of all the-loopy-doops monumental tasks that could be addressed during this all imperative 1000-milliseconds, there is only one that has the deepest, most inspirational meaning for my life. It will complete my 2016 like no other. Send me into 2017 with my best foot forward, my heart beating and my face sopping wet.

My second will be spent in the snuggly embrace of Jack. He is my hero and never far from my side. He is precious and loyal and endearingly affectionate.

Once again, canine rescue comes through in the shape of my wonderful big puppy! How will you spend your extra, precious second this year?