Diamond Valley Kids Rewarded for Playing Safe

Throughout the month of August any kid under 18 who is caught wearing a helmet while riding in the community will receive a special reward. Turner Valley RCMP and Black Diamond Peace Officers are handing out special vouchers that can be redeemed for a treat at Grillo’s Pizzeria in Black Diamond.

Children on bikes, scooters or skateboards wearing a helmet will be recipients of this special attention for the entire month of August. Everyone under 18 must be wearing a helmet while riding a bike, according to the law (the fine is $69 for breaking the law). There is no law regarding scooters or skateboards but it is recommended that children wear a helmet for safety reasons. And this month if you go the extra mile and wear your helmet you will get a special treat from an officer!

The Turner Valley RCMP are able to supply a free helmet to any child whose family cannot afford to purchase one. This special service was made possible by the funds raised at this year’s Turner Valley RCMP charity golf tournament.