Diamond Valley Businesses Being Warned About Counterfeit Canadian Bills


Turner Valley RCMP warn that Counterfeit Canadian $20 bills could potentially be used at your place of business.

Information about the counterfeit bills:

These are the “old” style of $20’s not the new style (these are Canadian bills)

The currently used counterfeit bills seem to be fairly obvious as they are:

1) on lighter and cheaper paper,

2) not the exact same size as the real bills, and

3) are missing the security features.

If a person tries to pay with these counterfeit bills don’t take the bills, call the RCMP (403.933.4262) and try to have a clear description of the person using the bills and anyone that may be with the person using the bills.  If you have already accepted the bills and notice them afterwards, still call the RCMP.

The RCMP Detachment can provide you and your staff with information sheets for reference on what a “real” bill looks like should you have any questions.

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