Details of the “Becoming a Community Builder” Learning Process


Here is a detailed explanation of the concept behind the learning process of the 90-day “Becoming a Community Builder” program.

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21 Day Process – The Change Continuum

To be effective, training and development must actually create performance improvement.

One, two, three day seminars, videos, training manuals, and other passive learning processes generally only reach the surface, within seven to twenty-one days after hearing participants lose 94.6 percent of what they heard and experienced.

We have designed a process that actually creates behavior change through an innovative 21 day blended learning model we call The Change Continuum.

In this process we teach relevant and meaningful information, but more importantly the information is introduced through a process that supports real lasting performance improvement.

The behavior change begins to happen in the third week.


The 21 Day Blended Learning Model

  • Face to Face Kick off ignites the process.
  • Live workshops to introduce the concept.
  • Weekly email to motivate and support the change through the concept.
  • Interactive video chat coaching sessions to unpack and dialogue the concept.
  • Online portal that archives materials for on-demand use to accommodate all schedules and provides a forum for peer to peer.

Unique Accountability Mechanism assists participants with that little extra push we all need.

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