Detailed New Images of Wildfire-Damaged Areas

Online mapping application now includes high-resolution images from multiple angles to give residents a clearer idea of which homes have been lost and damaged.

Over the past few days, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has been working to provide a more accurate depiction of the state of homes in the municipality. This high-resolution imagery may provide enough detail to assist property owners with insurance claims, eligibility funding and other recovery actions, for both damaged and lost properties.

“The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has done an incredible job getting these high-resolution images up online so quickly. This information is invaluable. However, I’ve seen the devastating effects a fire has on a community and I know how difficult it can be to view those images. I urge affected residents to seek out the emotional and mental-health supports they need.”

Danielle Larivee, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Earlier today, the Government announced a voluntary, phased re-entry plan for residents to return to Fort McMurray. If future wildfire conditions do not delay re-entry work and essential services and infrastructure are ready, a conditional phased re-entry will begin on June 1.

The Government of Alberta’s priority remains battling the wildfires in the region, as well as ensuring that the area is safe for returning residents.

These images may be hard for some to view and should be viewed with caution, as they show significantly more detail than the images available previously. Residents needing support should call Alberta’s 24-hour Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642.