Despite 11,000 Signatures in Favour, NDP Vote Down Recall Act

EDMONTON, AB (April 4, 2016): Today in the Alberta Legislature, the NDP voted down Wildrose MLA Mark Smith’s Bill 201, the Election Recall Act, which would have increased accountability for Alberta’s politicians.

An online recall petition organized by Wildrose gathered almost 11,000 signatures. Smith said Bill 201 addresses concerns previously raised by critics of MLA recall, and would ensure that Albertans could have their voices heard by their representatives more than once an election cycle.

“This new bill introduced reasonable limits to ensure that Albertans could be the boss, while preventing recall being used frivolously. If the other parties wanted to strengthen limits on recall, they should have sent it to committee,” Smith said. “We have heard from thousands of Albertans that they support recall in our province. These Albertans deserve to know that their politicians are continuously accountable, not just once every four years at election time.”

Wildrose Shadow Minister of Democracy & Accountability Jason Nixon said he is deeply disappointed by the result of today’s vote.

“Far too often in Alberta, we have seen the sense of responsibility all MLAs should feel replaced with a sense of entitlement,” Nixon said. “No one wants to see irresponsible or unstable democracy – Bill 201 had the necessary safeguards to allow for both responsible and stable representation, and it is a poor reflection on this Legislature that today it has denied Albertans the democratic accountability they want and deserve.”