Design Unveiled for the Future Canadian Surface Combatants

Department of National Defence

Artist’s impression of a future Canadian Surface Combatant. Images courtesy of Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

On February 8, the Government of Canada unveiled the selected design and design team for the Canadian Surface Combatants. This marks another important step towards the construction of Canada’s future warships.

The Canadian Surface Combatant project is the largest, most multifaceted procurement ever undertaken by the Government of Canada. The important step reached today, the selection of the design and design team, is the result of one of the most complex evaluation and selection processes in recent Department of National Defence’s history. Through this process, the Government has identified a design based on BAE’s Type 26 design, also known as the Global Combat Ship, as the starting point for the design of our future warships.

National Defence has worked to ensure that our future warships will defend Canadians and Canada for the next 40 years. Assessing the nature of future threats and how to protect our country and allies is not a simple task. Our warships will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology to respond to the challenges ahead. They will remain flexible and continue to adapt as security environment will continue to evolve.

The work is not finished yet, however. Our Navy has unique requirements. Canada has the world’s longest coastline along three oceans and a climate of extreme weather conditions. That is why this next phase is so important. Whether monitoring and defending Canadian waters, or leading international naval operations in open oceans and highly complex littoral environment, our Navy needs the right equipment to continue to protect Canada and Canadians, wherever they are.

National Defence experts, together with ISI and Lockheed Martin Canada will now refine and finalize the selected design to incorporate capabilities specific to Canada—such as support for our Cyclone helicopter—and to ensure these ships will meet the needs of the Royal Canadian Navy today and well into the future.

In only a few years, construction of the first vessel will begin, here at home, in Halifax. But this project will not only benefit workers from the East coast. Canadians from across the country will participate in this, the largest project our defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, is delivering. This project is truly a Canadian project.

Our future warships will safeguard Canadians, and Canada’s sovereignty and prosperity well into the future.