Defining Calgary’s Pathways to Resilience in a Changing Climate

Defining Calgary’s Pathways to Resilience in a Changing Climate


Today’s climate is increasingly unpredictable, demand for natural resources continues to skyrocket as our population grows, and critical infrastructure is in need of repair. The builders and designers of today are facing considerable pressure to innovate and create communities that can withstand the pressures of both growth and climate change. The upcoming “Future Cities Conference” on June 19th is addressing the question:

“How do we create complete communities and address energy poverty, reduce high costs and time loss of transportation, and advance innovation and social well-being in our communities?”

With invited experts from across the spectrum, this conference is geared to unearth solutions, create policy and planning recommendations, and forge new pathways for Calgary’s development community to create the Future City for Calgary’s citizens.

Hosted at the ENMAX Conservatory in the Calgary Zoo, this unique conference will include presentations about Banff’s feed-in-tariff program, Chandos Construction’s innovative delivery of the award winning Mosaic Center, as well as a showcase of other innovative and courageous initiatives across the spectrum of safety, transportation, energy and built form with critical dialogue on how to drive innovation forward in Calgary.

Conference Ambassadors Alderman Gian-Carlo Carra and Paul Battistella will be moderating throughout the day with a focus on driving discussion towards solutions with leading organizations like the Canadian Home Builders Association, Avalon Master Builders, Brookfield Residential, ENMAX, DIRTT, and Safer Calgary.

In the spirit of imagineCALGARY, P2S Calgary is bringing decision makers and thought leaders from the world of urban development to identify how sectors can come together and solve these 21st century challenges. The choices we make today when planning and building our cities are critical – we have to live with them for decades.

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