Decisive Farming Wins Two Awards at TECTERRA Showcase

Tasha-2015-tecterra-awards-blogDecisive Farming was recognized for advancing the use of geomatics technology in Agriculture at the 5th annual TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase held June 24, 2015 in Calgary, Alberta.

The TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase is the largest geospatial tradeshow in Canada. With over 60 companies and 500 attendees, it is a one-day event designed to showcase innovation in geomatics technologies across multiple industries.

The award for Best Project Management was given for Decisive Farming’s My Farm Manager version 3 project to recognize a dedication to solid project management principles and running the project on time, on budget, and within scope. This year Decisive Farming brought the year-long project to a successful close while staying within 7% of their budget and one month of their original timeline.

The project streamlined and automated the geospatial mapping functions for delivering precision farming services to customers.

The second award for Achievement in Commercial Success recognizes the completed development of My Farm Manager and achieving revenue generation from it. This is known important first step on the road to sustainable commercialization.

My Farm Manager is Decisive Farming’s unique software-as-a-service web application that connects growers with agronomists, crop marketing expertise, retailers, and other service providers. The recent version 3 of the web application, made possible by grants and funding from TECTERRA, includes the following innovations:

  • Integrated GIS mapping allowing growers to view their field data on a map within the My Farm Manager application
  • Greater efficiency when creating field management zones for customers
  • Streamlined workflows for Agronomists
  • Automated crop market data feed and integration with the grower’s own agronomic records for better-informed crop marketing decisions

Overall, TECTERRA provided support to the latest version of My Farm Manager application for its ability to integrate geomatics technology effectively into the Agriculture space.

Decisive Farming provides growers a comprehensive line of variable rate technology services that combine satellite imaging, GPS data, soil testing, and a patented variable rate technology. Growers using the service reduce input costs such as fertilizer, seed, and fuel resulting in more profit and greater efficiency. As well, growers realize environmental benefits through more sustainable farming practices. The bottom line is growers see a typical 3 to 1 return on investment after utilizing Decisive Farming’s proven technology.

Learn more about how it works in this video featuring Decisive Farming customer Patrick Kunz.