Decisive Farming partners with FCStone Merchant Services LLC to launch a new grain marketing program in Canada

Calgary, AB – Decisive Farming is now offering a global grain marketing solution to producers in Canada. The new Producer Max program provides a flexible way for grain producers to participate in a professionally managed, global-reaching grain program.

The way it works is growers enter into a physical contract with FCStone Merchant Services, LLC on a set volume of grain. FCStone Merchant Services then markets the bushels committed to the program to the best of their ability, working with the growers to secure mutually agreeable delivery points and terms for the participant’s portion of the grain.

Throughout the trading period, weekly rolling prices are shared so participants can monitor the progress of the program and budget accordingly. At the end of the term all participants will be given the full pricing achieved by FCStone Merchant Services, less the standard program fee.

By adding Producer Max to a conventional set of crop marketing strategies, producers are able to easily participate in a structured program to diversify their marketing risk. As Nathan Broders, Director of Feed and Grain at FCStone Merchant Services suggests, “we’re not out to hit home runs or gamble…we’re here to provide a baseline for your marketing program, allowing you to budget, while taking some burden of marketing off your shoulders.”

The use of structured products and careful budgeting is a theme that Decisive Farming’s clients in FCStone, LLC’s Know-Risk™ crop marketing program already appreciate. “Instead of chasing prices, our growers are focused on creating a plan for how and when to sell in the market,” says Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming, “and Producer Max is another important tool for protecting margins on the farm.”

Producer Max is open to all growers, with programs now open for 2014 and 2015 HRS wheat. Both will begin trading on February 27 2015 so all orders must be received before then.

For more information about participating in the upcoming programs, please contact Decisive Farming:

Tel: 403-935-4929 ext.104

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