December Fun with Millarville-Stockland 4-H Beef Club

Finn Blatz: Club Reporter

The Millarville Stockland 4-H Club started off December with our annual Christmas party at our favourite party place, Laser Quest. The members had a great time playing games and racking up points on each other. We were lucky enough to play 3 games, so we had a lot of time to play. Instead of holding a Secret Santa gift exchange this year, the club voted to have each member donate a gift card for a family at the District Hamper Packing, our next event of December.

Clubs from all over the Foothills district came together to help fill boxes with food and supplies for families in need during the holidays. Members would take turns retrieving items from around the Millarville Racetrack Quonset and then sort them in brightly wrapped boxes. After packing, families would load up and take the boxes of goods to the family they were given to care for. We were all happy to be able to help those in our community.

Lastly, we had our yearly beef farm tour, where our club would drive to each family’s farm and have a look at the members projects. This was a good opportunity to see what the other members were doing with their projects, what they weighed and ate, and their progress from weigh in in November. There were many steers and heifers to look at and it was good fun being able to see all of the member’s projects. This month was quite eventful and we had a lot of fun as a club.