A Day in the Life of Alberta Shelters

According to the 2013 Alberta Data Count, conducted by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters:

On just one day, shelters across the province helped 926 women and 1,102 children. During that same day 99 women and 87 children could not be accommodated.

Of the women helped this day, 37 were known to be pregnant. 43 reported they or their children were threatened by a gun.

The discussion amongst the organizations involved in the count also found that women are staying longer in shelter, primarily due to a lack of affordable housing options. This results in less shelter capacity to meet the demands of those feeling violence in their homes.

The Alberta Data Count is conducted annually and the statistics are generally released in November. The 2014 stats were not available in time for this publication; they are scheduled to be released on December 5th.

About Rowan House

Our Mission at the Rowan House Emergency Shelter is to provide crisis intervention, long-term support and education for those affected by family violence in rural communities.