Day Against Drug Abuse: Minister Schweitzer

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, issued the following statement on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking:

“The Government of Alberta takes criminal activity very seriously and will work with law enforcement and any other Albertan against organized crime, gang violence and illicit drug trafficking.

“Drug abuse exacts a terrible toll of human misery and we are committed to keeping Albertans safe. We are working closely with affected community groups, men, women and families who are shattered by drug abuse to find real and lasting solutions. We are always concerned with any criminal activity and grieve with the victims.

“Behind the local heartbreak is an international scourge of illicit drug trafficking. Organized crime does not respect borders, which is why we work with agencies like ALERT and other law enforcement partners to investigate, disrupt and dismantle groups that prey on Albertans by importing and selling illegal drugs.

“Our government will provide law enforcement with the tools and resources they need so Albertans will feel safe, secure and protected in their communities. We will provide ALERT with $50 million in new funding, so it has the tools to protect public safety by preventing drugs from reaching some of Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens and ensuring traffickers are apprehended and put in jail where they belong.

“Our government will champion recovery from drug addiction. That is why we are committed to spending $100 million to invest in mental health and addictions support to break the cycle of drug abuse and help addicts on their path to recovery.

“All Albertans should support people, their families and communities that are dealing with drug addiction. And let’s also express thanks our for law enforcement’s tireless work in the fight against the criminal global, drug trade to keep Albertans safe from illicit drugs.”