Dave Proctor Running for his Son

Dave Proctor Running for his Son

Dave Proctor is known in the elite running circles as an all-around nice guy. This great guy will be running across Canada June 22, 2018 to raise research dollars for Rare Disease.

His son Sam is 1 of 5 people recorded in the world who have this rare disease called RECA (Relapsing Encephalopathy Cerebellum Ataxia). RECA is 1 out of 7000 different types of rare diseases that exist today.

Dave will be running for 66 days, approximately 108 KM a day for a total of 7200 KM. He intends for his run to be record-breaking, and historical. Dave’s epic journey begins in Victoria BC June 22, 2018.

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It is Dave’s mission to raise 1 million dollars for research micro-grants, to help families with a Rare Disease. For all the children, like his son Sam, who are living with a Rare Disease.

We’re asking for support from every Canadian, Runner, Marathoner, and Athlete who are in awe of Dave’s rare talent as he runs across our beautiful country.

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