Danielle Smith Recall Petition Started By Angry Albertans

Caitlyn Madlener and Amanda Achtman are two Albertans that were inspired to start up a petition to demand former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith resign her seat.

Their petition reads:

Smith and PrenticeDanielle Smith has broken her promise to voters and abandoned her duties as the leader of the opposition. For years, she condemned the Progressive Conservatives as untrustworthy, corrupt and out of touch with Albertans. Until they offered her a political payoff – and then she jumped ship and joined them.

Smith used to support MLA recall – the right for voters to force a byelection in a riding. She’s probably reneged on that belief too, but we haven’t.

Smith won her election by promising to oppose the PCs – not to make a secret deal to join them.

You can find the petition by clicking here.

Madlener and Achtman feel that Smith should face statements that she’s made in the past about being a principled politician. They stated that Smith should stick to those principles now and allow her constituents to go into a by-election to decide whether or not they want her to continue as Highwood’s MLA.

This issue has exploded on social media.