Cycling Without Age High River Launches Season Two on Friday

HIGH RIVER, AB – The second season for Cycling Without Age High River launches on Saturday June 1, 2019. Just in time to officially kick off Senior’s Week June 2-8, 2019.

High River is the proud owner of two trishaw bicycles that are being used to provide opportunities for seniors and those with limited mobility to experience riding as a passenger with a volunteer cycling pilot.

The project complements Council’s ‘People First’ mandate as the front-facing carriage provides the opportunity for storytelling and conversation between volunteers, seniors and other community members during the ride.

The trishaws come equipped with an electric assist motor to help the volunteers pedal up hills, as well as a weather hood, a rain and wind proof blanket to keep our passengers comfortable and warm. The trishaws accommodate 1-2 passengers.

If you are 18 years of age or over and enjoy pedaling a bicycle slowly, consider becoming a Cycling Without Age pilot and help spread happiness among nursing home and assisted living residents in High River.   For more information visit

The Cycling Without Age High River program is a volunteer citizen-driven initiative.

You can also follow along the fun on their facebook page: