CSUR Asks Could You Live Without Petroleum Products?

CSUR (Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources) has put out a pamphlet demonstrating how much we depend on petroleum products. When we cry out against the oil industry and vow to boycott them do we really know to what extent we would have to go? Working with the industry that fuels the planet to be more responsible is the better solution.

The following information is taken from the colourful brochure that you can also download by clicking here.

Take a look through the list of common petroleum products and at the diagram. In the diagram, everything that is coloured was most likely made with a petroleum product.

Petroleum Based ProductsThere are over 6,000 products that are made from petroleum. This is a list of many common ones, but there are many, many more!

Petroleum based productsIt takes a mixture of hydrocarbons to create crude oil. When that oil is then sent to a refinery, petroleum products are produced.

Hydrocarbons → Crude Oil → Petroleum Products

The work that the oil and gas industry does helps provide the energy we need to heat our homes and businesses, generate electricity, drive our vehicles and power our devices, but it doesn’t count for much if we harm our planet while doing it. That’s why best practices developed over many years and various levels of regulations are in place: to ensure that any surface effects of oil and gas operations are temporary, and that there are no long term issues above or below ground that we’ll live to regret.

Source: Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR)