CRTC to Introduce a New Area Code in Alberta in 2016

OTTAWA-GATINEAU — The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced last October that it will introduce a new province-wide area code in Alberta, which is presently served by area codes 403, 587 and 780.

Starting on April 9, 2016, new telephone numbers assigned in Alberta may be given numbers from area code 825. Existing customers will keep their current area codes and phone numbers.

The Canadian Numbering Administrator previously informed the CRTC that area codes 403, 587, and 780 serving Alberta are expected to run out of telephone numbers by July 2016.


Prior to 1999, area code 403 encompassed Alberta. In January 1999, area code 403 was split in two and the northern half of the province received a new area code, 780. In September 2008, area code 587 was introduced for the entire province of Alberta and 10-digit local dialing became mandatory. By adding area codes in this manner, subscribers could keep their current telephone numbers.

The CRTC is an administrative tribunal that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.