Cpl Tyler Billings Takes Us Into the World of Cyber

Defence Team member Cpl Tyler Billings takes us into the world of cyber in this new installment of the video series, I Am Strong, Secure, Engaged.

As a technical advisor for the Cyber Operations team in the Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre (CFNOC), Cpl Billings is one of the many dedicated men and women across Defence who is helping to implement the 111 initiatives contained within the Defence Policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged.

CFNOC is comprised of cyber operators who conduct defensive cyber operations, and at times, active cyber operations. Cyber operators work collaboratively with other government departments and agencies, as well as with Canada’s allies, the Five Eyes (United States, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom), to enhance the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces ability to provide a secure cyber environment.

Watch the video to find out more.

Keep an eye for more profiles in the weeks ahead and learn more about SSE and how members of the Defence Team are supporting its implementation.


I am Corporal Tyler Billings, I am a Cyber Operator and I work here in Ottawa. My position is a Technical Advisor for the Cyber Defence Coordination Team. It’s actually kind of neat that our job is one of those jobs where if you watch the news you know what your next 24 hours is going to be like. Or your family can try to figure out what your last 48 hours were like. It’s the ‘need to know’. You make sure that only the people who know what’s going on have visibility on what’s going on.

I’m maintaining a secure line from Point A to Point B. That’s it. I’ve been in the military for 12 years. I… cyber for 8 months. Well, that’s when the cyber trade officially stood up. I’ve been with CFNOC for almost 4 years, so doing… involved with the cyber folks. When I first showed up to CFNOC it was a vastly different unit from what it is right now. With the new policy, with a lot of the new changes that are coming in, with a lot of the initiatives that we’re taking advantage of, if in another two or three years, we’re a brand new unit all over again. Our capabilities are expanding; our infrastructure, our support is expanding and we’re getting more involved.

I know it’s kind of loose-ended there, saying we’re getting more involved. But I know we have a huge future open to us now. But we’re now getting to a point where our partners are no longer like our mentors in the world of cyber. They’re actual full-time partners where they’re trusting us and we are trusting them a lot more. Not just Canadian partners but as well as the Five Eyes community.

What’s next on the list? What’s the next challenge? What’s the next adventure? It’s hard for me to keep track of it all. It’s going in a very positive direction. I couldn’t imagine going and doing anything else.

Source: National Defence Canada