Coyotes and Badgers: Unexpected Allies of the Hunt

Coyotes and Badgers… an unexpected match made in heaven.
Coyotes and BadgersCoyotes are master hunters above ground, and badgers are master hunters below ground… so why not work together?  Believe it or not, these two predators often team up to hunt small prey, such as the prolific ground squirrels on the park.  The Coyotes will chase their prey across the prairies until the animal ducks into a burrow – then the badger will take over.  In this pairing, coyotes have been seen to catch a third more ground squirrels than if they hunt alone.

(Information from How Stuff Works)

To learn more about the animals we have at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, come on down for a variety of park programs throughout the summer, such as Paws and Claws.
Glenbow Ranch Park is just 35 minutes from downtown Calgary or 10 minutes East of Cochrane.
Source Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park