COVID-19: Message from Reeve Suzanne Oel

March 16, 2020. COVID-19 is dominating the headlines around the world. While the risk may be still
considered low here in Alberta, we are committed to responding with best practices and to work with
Alberta Health Services recommendations.

As this situation evolves, Foothills County will provide ongoing updates with our response to COVID-19
on how we will maintain essential services, business and community planning and staff safety protocols.
Links to trusted resources for accurate and up-to-date information are listed here on our website.

Foothills County is committed to providing essential services, community water and wastewater, fire
department response and road maintenance. We will continue to following all of Alberta Health’s
recommended best practices. We can all play a role to reduce the risk and prevent the spread of this

While we hope these collective measures will provide a different outcome than other countries ahead of
us on the timeline, we remain optimistic in our resiliency. Many suggestions in the community are being
shared about supporting organizations facing loss of business or individuals facing illness. Let’s be
creative in our ideas on how to support each other. We are grateful for those who are acting to keep
others safe in this uncertain time.

Foothills County will provide ongoing updates on our response to COVID-19 on this website.

If you need information about your file or project and don’t need to visit the office, please contact
Foothills County at: 403.652.2341

Email Foothills County staff directly.

Questions regarding Foothills County Emergency Management: 403.603.3557

After hours emergencies regarding Public Works services: 1.888.808.3722