Court Declares Molyneux FSD Trustee


Foothills School Division has received notice that a consent order was signed by Madam Justice Dilts awarding the recent Ward 1 By-election to Mr. John (Jack) Molyneux.

Clarification from the Courts was sought after the Local Authorities Elections Act and Municipal Affairs were unable to provide instruction on how to proceed after a candidate issued a disclaimer and resigned from the position of trustee in advance of the election.

Board Chair Larry Albrecht says, “These were exceptional circumstances and we are pleased with the decision of Justice Dilts.  We are thankful for the patience and understanding of our school community as we sought and received clarification from the Court”.

Mr. Jack Molyneux says, “I look forward to serving the interests of Ward 1 residents and joining the Board of Trustees in support of all Foothills School Division students and families”.

Source: Foothills School Division