Country Lane Quilt Show: Colourful Delight

Country Lane Quilt Guild Show 1The Country Lane Quilter’s Guild held a very successful quilt show at Christ Church. Members brought favorite quilts to display in the log Church, Church House, and tents. Samples of charity quilts, heart pillows, and placemats demonstrated some of the charity work that this guild continually donates. Guests enjoyed viewing a wide variety of quilts, a tasty lunch and many names were drawn for gift baskets, donated by members of the guild.

Donna Kendall was chosen by guild members as our Quilter of Distinction for this show. She asked those who previously had purchased her quilts at the Priddis and Millarville Fair auctions, or were given quilts by Donna to bring their quilt. Many proud recipients shared stories of their personal connections and the significance of their quilt.
These masterpieces show Donna’s gifted abilities in creating unique and stunning designs through colour, shape, and…

Another of Donna’s quilts is featured in the Christ Church. She donated “Sunrise Surprise,” to the Christ Church Evening Guild in 2012, and shared her inspiration for this quilt:

“As the sun rises over our eastern slopes community, the sky and hills against the mountains emerge from
the darkness into a constantly shifting and changing aurora of colour and light. At some point each morning,
I am again amazed by the browns and golds surrounded by a sparkle of turquoise which seems to enclose
them all in a colourful haze of blending lights from dark to sunlight. And then it is gone. Just like that. And it
will never again be the same.

A mere moment, caught in the majestic life of the mountains while they dance with the rising sun.
And I was there to see. And then it was gone.”

Country Lane Quilt Guild Show 2This original designed quilt is a testament to Donna’s artistry and generosity. Donna truly is a lady of

Special thanks to the many visitors who viewed our displays, the “tent crew”, and all the members who made
this day possible.

Source: Millarville Racetrack News

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