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Costly Vandalism in George Lane Park

HIGH RIVER, AB:  Shortly before midnight on Sunday, June 28 several people went into group camping Site A in George Lane Park and caused considerable damage to surrounding trees.
Two newly planted trees were chopped down. Two other trees had bark damage. One tree had the bark peeled off around the whole trunk and will have to be removed – it will not survive with such extensive damage. A hatchet was left at the group camp site.
The cost to taxpayers is the value of the trees plus removal and replacement:
> Two chopped down trees – value $1,500 each
> Large tree with bark removed – value $5,000
> Removal costs for large tree – $500
> Replacement costs – $1,000 per tree
Total cost of vandalism – $11,500
There were other people in the park who witnessed the destruction happening at Site A on Sunday night but did not alert authorities. The vandalism has since been reported to both the RCMP and Foothills Municipal Enforcement. The Town reminds everyone that if they see vandalism occurring or notice damaged property, please report it right away.

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