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Coronavirus: Updated Precautions for Travellers Returning Home

As a precautionary measure, people returning from outside Canada should follow these steps.

Returning from Iran or Hubei Province, China

If you have returned from Iran or Hubei province, China, we recommend that you isolate yourself until 14 days have passed since that visit. We recommend this even if you are feeling well. This is a precautionary move only.

You can isolate yourself by following these self-isolation guidelines:

  • avoid close contact with other people, especially those with chronic conditions, a compromised immune system, or seniors
  • do not attend work, school, social events or any other public gatherings
  • watch for symptoms like fever, cough or difficulty breathing in yourself or a family member
  • call Health Link 811 if any symptoms begin

Returning from other parts of mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan. Singapore, South Korea or Italy

If you returned from other parts of China, or Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or Italy, we are not recommending self-isolation. However, you should:

  • monitor yourself for symptoms like fever or cough daily for 14 days after you have left the affected area
  • contact Health Link 811 for medical advice if you or a family member:
    • feel ill after returning
    • were in contact with someone diagnosed with novel coronavirus
    • were in a health-care facility in any of these countries

Departing travellers

If you are planning travel outside of Canada, consult the:

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