Cool Way to Store Seasonal Items

OK. So you are bursting at the seams in your house. You have done some organizing and threw out anything you could part with, but you still need to find a home for seasonal things.

This is where attic self storage ideas may work for you.

If the first thing that comes to mind is that dark cold space up above you, and how you really don’t like the idea of balancing on the floor joists just to store a few Christmas ornaments, then you should check out the latest in attic storage solutions.

If moving is out of the question, and you are tripping over last years hockey equipment or the bins of Christmas decorations, then this might be a good avenue to explore. There is no need to hire a contractor to totally redo your roof; just a small investment and you can utilize all that wasted space.

Utilizing Those Trusses

atticAs you can see in the picture, if you have trusses in your roof similar to these then you can be utilizing that wasted space.

Think of the seasonal things you could store up there, and how much more space you will gain on your main floor, basement or garage.

This is a good time to really sort through the things you want to store, this way you are not simply transferring junk upstairs. Get some decent bins and label them so that you can see them at a glance, especially if you don’t have any lighting up there. You need to be able to see with a good flashlight, so label them clearly.

attic-self-storageThis kit will fit between 24 trusses and with a few simple tools will be installed quickly.

Each shelf will hold up to 50 pounds. If you have a lot of trusses you can imagine just how much storage you can put to good use. This will also be a good selling feature if you even do decide to move, as storage is a big deal. Just keep the bins organized or colour coded. You don’t want to simply be pitching junk up there.

Flooring Issues

As you can see in the truss picture the floor of the attic has been finished with plywood. If you don’t want to spend that kind of money just to store a few boxes, there are other products on the market now that can create a small stable area for storing or walking on, or even create paths around the outer edge of the attic.

This will allow for you to walk or crawl (depending on the roof height) without worry of falling through the ceiling below. You most likely have insulation battings between the joists too that you don’t want to disturb, so these attic floor tiles would be a good product to look at.

attic-dek-flooringAttic Deck Tiles

These tiles are hard plastic, but don’t let that fool you for strength, they each hold 200 pounds, once screwed to the joists they can hold you and your storage ideas.

They are prefabbed and ready to go, each one simply gets screwed to the floor joists and you can create any pattern you want, whether it is a simple path all the way around the outer edge or a square bit right in the center for some racks if you prefer not to use the trusses.

These tiles would work perfectly with the truss storage system so that you can get from the entrance to the shelves without fear of falling through or crawling on insulation.

The only drawback to storing in the roof is that you don’t want to put anything up there that can’t take the cold as your floor is insulated and not the roof. This would be a good time to take your boxes apart and decide what to keep or give away or even throw away.

If this is the year you want to get organized, then utilizing any space you can in an organized fashion is the best way to keep your home clean and tidy.

Start with one room at a time, or even a smaller space such as the closet. Don’t try to do this all at once or you will get frustrated.

Find a couple of hours in your day, preferably when you are not stressed and it is daylight, which makes it easier to see things.

Create 3 piles and be armed with garbage bags and a few good storage tubs with tight fitting lids. Get rid of any tubs that don’t have lids, or else you cannot stack properly and these bins will simply overflow and get dirty.

I like to follow the 5 second rule. Take an item out of the closet or from under the bed or in the drawers and look at it quickly for 5 seconds. If you have not used it or worn it in a long time, then let it go. Make your piles into garbage and donate and keep. The idea is that your keep pile will only contain things you really want and need.

It does get easier to toss things out and you will feel good for the growing space. Once you have your piles, don’t leave them, or you may change your mind and start poking through them again.

Get them into the bags and out into your car right away. Drive the donation bags to your favourite charity and the garbage ones can go to the end of your curb or the dump.

Organizing Seasonal Items

As you are taking that Christmas tree down, take stock of the decorations that may be broken or lights that no longer work and instead of stuffing them in the box for later deal with it now. Get rid of them.

The same with sports equipment; make sure they are in good order and clean before storing away. If you are going to use the attic self storage idea, you don’t want to be heaving heavy boxes of things that are no good up there. So, get ruthless and particular and then build your attic storage and enjoy your new found space.

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