Contract Awarded for New Waterton Lakes National Park Visitor Centre

visitor-centre-WatertonParks Canada is announcing that, following a competitive process, a contract has been awarded to FWBA Architects for the design of the new Waterton Lakes National Park Visitor Centre located at Block 39 within the townsite. FWBA Architects, a Lethbridge architecture firm, will be the primary consultant for the architectural design of this project.
The design options will present the look and function of the building, both inside and out, and its relationship to the adjacent areas and the townsite, in addition to how the visitor centre will be integrated into broader parking and way-finding projects for the community.

Parks Canada thanks all those who attended the recent public engagement session on the new visitor centre to present information and share a range of views on the new location. Parks Canada will be moving forward with the new facility in the townsite because it meets the evolving needs of visitors and the community. The decision to locate the visitor centre within the community of Waterton is founded in the Waterton Community Plan and the Waterton Lakes National Park Management Plan. This location will allow Parks Canada to achieve key management plan and community plan objectives, and provide a better level of service and enhanced experiences to all visitors.

Parks Canada is committed to working collaboratively with all interested Canadians in the planning of this essential facility to welcome visitors. Opportunities for public input on the design of the new visitor centre will be provided as the project moves forward. Additional details about the project and future public engagement will be forthcoming.

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Quick Facts

  • As Canada’s largest provider of natural and cultural tourism, Parks Canada’s destinations form important cornerstones for Canada’s local, regional and national tourism industry.
  • The Government of Canada announced funding of $7.6 million for the new visitor centre in July 2015. Construction of the new visitor centre will begin in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2019.
  • Built in 1958, the existing Visitor Reception Centre is small and wholly inadequate to meet the needs and volumes of today’s visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park. Visitation to Waterton Lakes National Park has increased greatly, with over 486,000 visitors in 2015, of which 45% are new visitors, and 98% of all visitors to the park already visit the townsite.