Continued Funding Means Hundreds of New Teachers

The Classroom Improvement Fund is continuing for the upcoming school year, helping to hire hundreds of teachers and support staff across the province.

Minister Eggen and Minister Sabir visit with students at Apostles of Jesus School in Calgary.


Originally introduced as part of the collective agreement between the Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association and the Alberta Teachers’ Association, the Classroom Improvement Fund (CIF) has enabled school boards to hire additional staff and provide more supports to students, particularly in priority areas like math and literacy programs.

For the 2018-19 school year, school boards are encouraged to retain staff hired through 2017-18 funding, and consider new supports for students with complex needs.

“We heard loud and clear how successful the Classroom Improvement Fund was for students, so we knew that we had to find a way to ensure this important program could continue. By putting a renewed focus on supporting the kids who need it most, we are making sure all students can benefit from a great education.”

~David Eggen, Minister of Education

Funds will be distributed to school boards based on their student enrolment, increasing by an additional $2 million over last year to support growth in the system, for a total of $77 million. School authorities will be required to outline how they will use the funds to hire more staff and support students.

“We appreciate the government’s ongoing investment in education. The recently announced Classroom Improvement Fund will benefit our district as we continue to support student excellence by enhancing instruction and student services to meet the needs of the students and families we serve.”

~Cheryl Low, board chair, Calgary Catholic School District

“I’m very grateful to be part of the teaching community at Father Lacombe High School. I’ve seen incredible results from my role as a student support teacher. It is exciting to hear funding is available to further support student excellence with a similar position at other schools in our district.”

~Greg Smith, Calgary teacher hired through Classroom Improvement Fund

The 2018-19 CIF is expected to add more than 450 teachers and support staff across the province.