Construction on Southwest Calgary Ring Road Moves Forward

On May 22, the historic land transfer between Alberta and the Tsuu T’ina Nation was finalized, providing certainty that the construction of the southwest segment of the Calgary Ring Road could go forward.

Our government is committed to honouring the agreement and completing construction of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road within seven years.

“We want to provide a safe, modern highway network that will improve the commutes of Albertans in and around the city of Calgary and support economic growth in the province.”

~ Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“Our goal with the Southwest Calgary Ring Road was to create economic opportunity for future generations at Tsuu T’ina. As per the agreement, today’s announcement is an important milestone.”

~ Chief Roy Whitney, Tsuu T’ina Nation

The Calgary Ring Road will ensure the safe, efficient movement of goods and people across the southern region and the province. It will also reduce traffic congestion in and around the city.

As part of both the north-south and east-west trade corridors, the completed Calgary Ring Road will provide effective routes for commercial vehicles taking goods across the province or country, and to foreign ports.

Take a virtual drive on the Southwest Ring Road: