Conservatives Call for Unity Against Latest Trudeau Government Attack on Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry

Conservatives Call for Unity Against Latest Trudeau Government Attack on Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry

EDMONTON, AB: United Conservatives are calling for Members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly to stand united against the federal Trudeau Liberal government’s Bill C-69, which would make it significantly more difficult for new pipeline projects to get approved, thereby jeopardizing a key driver of Alberta’s economy and the thousands of jobs that depend on it.

In a letter sent to the Premier last Thursday, United Conservative leader Jason Kenney asked the NDP government to urgently consider a motion in the Legislative Assembly this week to make it clear to Ottawa that Alberta stands united against the new energy project approval rules.

“We cannot afford to sit idly while the federal government attacks our energy industry, jeopardizing thousands of jobs and our vital economic interests,” Kenney said. “The proposed new measures will kill further investment in Alberta’s energy projects and result in even more uncertainty for an energy industry struggling under numerous job-killing policies.”

In a federal Parliamentary Committee submission last week, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) stated that the net effect of the new rules would be “an impractical and unworkable process that will create unmanageable uncertainty and a decision-making framework that will insert broader policy issues squarely into a process that is not equipped to resolve them.” Even more troubling, CEPA went on to tell the committee that it would be “difficult to imagine that a new major pipeline could be built in Canada under …” these new rules.

Originally announced on February 8th, the new pipeline approval rules put forward by the Trudeau government follow a troubling pattern of obstruction that includes vetoing the Northern Gateway pipeline, halting the Energy East pipeline, instituting a west coast tanker ban making it more difficult to get products to market, promising an audience that the government needs to “phase out the Oilsands,” and inaction in the face of ongoing attempts by British Columbia’s NDP government to stop the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.