Confederation Crossword Solutions


  1. The two European countries most important in Canadian history are Britain and ___________. France
  2. Before Confederation, leaders from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island were already thinking about a ______________ union. Maritime
  3. This Father of Confederation from British Columbia changed his name to mean “love of the universe.” AmordeCosmos
  4. The newest territory in Canada is ___________. Nunavut
  5. Two provinces entered Confederation in 1905: Saskatchewan and ___________. Alberta
  6. This Father of Confederation became Canada’s first prime minister. Macdonald
  7. There were three conferences leading to Confederation: at Quebec, at London, and at ___________. Charlottetown
  8. The newest __________ in Canada is Newfoundland. Province


  1. Quebec’s most famous Father of Confederation joined with John A. Macdonald to form a government before Confederation. His last name was _________. Cartier
  2. This province entered Confederation in 1870. Manitoba
  3. Manitoba’s best-known “Father of Confederation” led the Red River and Northwest Rebellions, and was eventually hanged. His last name was ________. Riel
  4. Newfoundland was led into Confederation by Joey _____________. Smallwood