Confederation Crossword: A Fun Activity from the National Library of Canada


Confederation Crossword


1. The two European countries most important in Canadian history are Britain and ___________.

3. Before Confederation, leaders from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island were already thinking about a ______________ union.

4. This Father of Confederation from British Columbia changed his name to mean “love of the universe.” (Write his whole name as one word.)

7. The newest territory in Canada is ___________.

8. Two provinces entered Confederation in 1905: Saskatchewan and ___________.

9. This Father of Confederation became Canada’s first prime minister. (Last name.)

10. There were three conferences leading to Confederation: at Quebec, at London, and at ___________.

11. The newest __________ in Canada is Newfoundland.


2. Quebec’s most famous Father of Confederation joined with John A. Macdonald to form a government before Confederation. His last name was _________.

3. This province entered Confederation in 1870.

5. Manitoba’s best-known “Father of Confederation” led the Red River and Northwest Rebellions, and was eventually hanged. His last name was ________.

6. Newfoundland was led into Confederation by Joey _____________.

HINT: If you need some help with the answers click here and do some reading on our Confederation.

The Solution will follow later today.