Companies Must Resume Calgary Monitoring Programs

The Government of Alberta has issued an Environmental Protection Order to Sears Canada Inc. and Concord North Hill GP Ltd. in relation to a historic release from the site of a former Sears-owned service station adjacent to Calgary’s North Hill Centre mall.

Under the terms of the order, issued under the province’s Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, the parties are directed to recommence soil vapour monitoring and groundwater sampling and monitoring in the Houndsfield Heights – Briar Hill community and submit a remediation action plan.

Incident details

  • Sears owned and/or operated the service station from 1958 until its decommissioning in 1995. An underground storage tank was identified as having leaked sometime between the late 1970s and the early 1980s.
  • Concord North Hill GP Ltd. is the current registered owner of the lands on which the former service station operated.
  • There are several data gaps in the information regarding contamination both on the land and off site which required additional work, including
    • Completion of additional groundwater wells.
    • Continuing to conduct regular groundwater sampling.
    • Continuing to conduct semi-annual soil vapour sampling.

Terms of the Enforcement Order

  • The parties must:
    • Immediately recommence the semi-annual soil vapour monitoring.
    • Immediately recommence the groundwater sampling and monitoring program.
    • Submit an on- and off-site remediation plan to the compliance manager by Dec. 15, 2018.
    • Create a communications website to provide information to the public.

Enforcement orders ensure that immediate action is taken to remedy a situation where there is an unauthorized activity. They are one of many tools – including education and prevention – used by the Alberta government to ensure all Albertans can continue to enjoy a safe and healthy environment.