On-It Commuter Bus Service to End in High River Feb. 28

HIGH RIVER, AB: The On-It regional transit pilot project will officially end commuter service in High River on Wednesday, February 28.

“During the pilot project we saw low ridership numbers with only 4-6 users per day,” said Craig Snodgrass, Mayor of High River. “The pilot was developed and implemented by the Calgary Regional Partnership, and with the CRP being dissolved, combined with low interest and high costs in High River, we decided to withdraw from the regional transit pilot entirely.”

In a joint press release from the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) and Southland Transportation, representatives announced that Southland Transportation has agreed to take over ownership and management of the On-It Regional Transit system assets from CRP, but this does not include the continuation of the pilot transit bus services to and from High River.

The Town of High River along with Black Diamond and Turner Valley withdrew from the On It Regional Transportation Pilot project earlier in 2018, prior to this ownership transfer announcement.

“The Town will keep inter-municipal transportation on our radar,” added Snodgrass. “We are open to initiatives that make sense for our residents as long as they are economically feasible for us.”