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Community Groups to be Consulted on Street Checks

The Government of Alberta will launch community consultations around street checks later this month.

This phase of the consultation will survey community groups from across Alberta. Participating organizations will receive a written survey from the province.

The survey includes questions about how police interact with the public, collection of personal information and police officer training.

Participants will have six weeks to provide their responses.

“It is vital for us to hear from community groups on this issue and receive their feedback. Our goal is to draft a provincial guideline to ensure the rights of the public are respected, while still allowing community policing that engages with the public. We believe a provincial guideline will provide consistent rules for all police to follow.”

Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

In-person sessions will also be planned to ensure the views of Albertans who are impacted by street checks are heard.

After the feedback has been received, the government will work on a draft guideline. Before the guideline is finalized, the province will conduct further consultations.

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