Committee Encourages Residents and Businesses to Appeal DRP Settlements


HIGH RIVER, AB: The High River Disaster Recovery Program Advocacy Committee is encouraging residents and businesses to consider appealing their DRP settlements.

To date, 660 (14%) of High River DRP applicants have appealed their claims, and in total, they have received almost $6 million in additional payouts.

You should appeal:

  • If you believe you may be eligible for further funds.
  • If you want to understand what you have been funded for.
  • If all your damaged contents and structures weren’t included in your original DRP application.
  • Some DRP policies and procedures have changed since the flood – were the right ones used on your file?

o   The funding calculations have changed.

o   The application of an insurance sewer back-up sub-limit (cap) changed.

o   Older homes with pre-existing structural issues are now being considered.

o   Having flood insurance is no longer a requirement for business and non-profit organizations. If flood insurance was carried the deductible is eligible for DRP.

To begin the appeal process, contact the local DRP office for an appeal application.

Alternatively, register for a free DRP training seminar presented by Town of High River and World Renew Outreach Workers. Call 403-603-3653 or visit for additional information.