Commemorating 125 Years of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada

Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda has issued the following statement about the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian immigration to Canada.

“As we prepare to celebrate Ukrainian Day this Sunday, Aug.7, it is important we also recognize a significant milestone.

“2016 marks the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian immigration to Canada. Between 1891 and 1914, approximately 170,000 Ukrainians left their home in search of land and a prosperous life in this great country.

“When the first Ukrainians arrived in Alberta, they were faced with a harsh climate, limited resources and unfamiliar territory. It was a new way of life, and indeed a challenging one, but armed with a strong sense of community and unshakable will, they prevailed.

“Today, Ukrainian heritage has evolved to become a part of Alberta’s multicultural identity. Everything from dance and performance groups across the province to Ukrainian programming in schools and institutions, its rich history continues to be shared with all Albertans thanks to events such as Ukrainian Day and facilities like our provincially ownedUkrainian Cultural Heritage Village (UCHV).

“I encourage all Albertans to join in the celebration of Ukrainian Day and the commemoration of our early pioneers. Visit the UCHV on Aug. 7 to enjoy a wide range of family friendly activities including Ukrainian dance, musical entertainment and delicious Ukrainian cuisine.

“Many Albertans of Ukrainian ancestry can trace their roots back to the earliest pioneers who arrived to Canada prior to the First World War. May those stories of our past continue to live on and awaken an even deeper connection to our provincial and national history.”