Coming August Long Weekend: A time to drive safely


The RCMP urges motorists to exercise more care and caution on the roads as the August long weekend approaches. Alberta’s roads and highways will see an influx in the number of vehicles as people head out to their various activities and events this long weekend.  In addition, the warmer weather means more campers, trailers, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians will be travelling throughout the province.  The increase in traffic merits an increase in safety awareness on behalf of those traveling in motor vehicles during this coming holiday.

As we approach the coming long weekend, let us not add to the total number of deaths and injuries since our last long weekend of May 15 to 18.  The Victoria Day holiday and weekend in Alberta saw a number of traffic collisions and fatalities on Alberta’s roads. From May 15 to July 29, the RCMP responded to the following:

  • 1,071  collisions involving an injury;
  • 65 of those collisions resulted in 75 fatalities;
  • 125 collisions involving 125 motorcycles
  • 2 pedestrians were killed in 2 incidents.

Traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility. The following are just a few safety reminders which would go a long way to ensuring a safe trip on Alberta’s roads and highways:

  • Obey posted speed limits;
  • Don’t drive distracted – put away electronic devices and concentrate on driving;
  • Wear seatbelts and ensure children are safely buckled in an appropriate child restraint;
  • Don’t drink and drive;
  • Be aware of others on the road – summer weather means sharing the highway with motorcyclists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Finally, this Saturday evening, August 1, 2015, the RCMP will be operating enhanced check stops across Canada and Alberta as part of National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day.