Come and Find Out What It’s All About

Ideal Protein Seminar

In-store Information Seminar

Why not come in for a refresher on what the Ideal Program is all about, what attracted you to it in the first place, and how it’s evolved to better support you on your journey.

Bring a friend with you who would be interested in learning more about the program and you’ll receive a free box of your favourite food.

There is no obligation for your friend to join the program – this is purely an informational seminar where we’ll cover the reasons Ideal Protein is passionate about helping people, how the program works, what the costs are, and what clients can expect from our team in the way of support and resources.

We’re seeing stellar results with our new clients and we’re heading into a new wave of Phase 4 successes who are happy to share their experience and journey with you.

Join us in-store on April 11th at 7pm
(the doors will be locked at 7, so please arrive early)

It really helps us to know how many people are planning to attend these seminars, so please consider replying to this email or submitting your RSVP through our online calendar here.

Hope to see you and a friend on the 11th!