Clear the Air: Wildrose Calls on NDP to Release Election Contributions

EDMONTON, AB Before passing Bill 1, the NDP should release all of their election financials up to June 15 to clarify that no parts of the legislation are designed to uniquely benefit the governing party above others, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

In Bill 1, there are provisions to allow unions and corporations to backstop or make payments on loans. This practice is not used by the Wildrose party and appears to go against the spirit of the bill to ban corporate and union donations.

“If the NDP are wanting to pass a bill affecting the financing of all political parties, they should be open and transparent about why there is a provision that keeps corporate and union influence as part of political party financing,” Wildrose Shadow Democracy and Accountability Minister Jason Nixon said. “We don’t think corporations or unions should be able to back-stop loans to political parties, and we think the NDP need to justify their position.”

In the interest of full disclosure to Albertans, we have asked the Wildrose Party to make available contributions during the current writ period up to June 15.

“This still gives the impression that any party could be seen as under the influence of special interests, and not work for the direct interests of Albertans,” Nixon said. “Special interests shouldn’t be able to curry favour with the governing party. The NDP need to come clean on why they feel this provision is necessary.”