City Restarts Crowchild Trail Corridor Study with Community in Mind

The City of Calgary is restarting the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study with a new six-phased process that will provide multiple opportunities for public feedback throughout the study.

Crowchild 1Phase 1 of the study will establish an Engagement Design Team to answer the question “How do we have the most effective conversation possible about the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study?”

“The work of the Engagement Design Team is not about finding design or traffic solutions for Crowchild Trail – that will come later,” says Stephen Kay, transportation engineer and project manager for the study.

“The Engagement Design Team will be tasked with developing an engagement program for the study. Community residents, Crowchild Trail users and all Calgarians will have multiple opportunities to participate in conversations about improving Crowchild and to provide input over the next two-years.”

The 18- to 20-member team will be comprised of people who live in communities immediately next to Crowchild, people who drive or use public transit along Crowchild, and people who walk or ride bikes adjacent to or across Crowchild, to make sure a range of diverse perspectives are considered.

The work of the Engagement Design Team and the resultant engagement program will be shared with the public in the spring of 2015. Calgarians and Crowchild Trail users will have more opportunities to participate and to provide input throughout the two-year study.

The City is currently recruiting volunteers to participate on the Engagement Design Team. Calgarians can apply online at or by calling 311. Participants will be chosen by random selection based on criteria that ensures there is diversity in ages, gender, type of user and community for those who will make-up the Engagement Design Team. Calgarians who are not randomly selected for the Engagement Design Team can still provide input on how The City can best engage stakeholders for this study by completing an online questionnaire, which will be available on the project web page after the Engagement Design Team is established end of February.

About the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study

The study will provide recommendations on how Crowchild Trail from 24 Avenue N.W. to 17 Avenue S.W. can be improved over time. This includes short-term and long-term roadway upgrades necessary for moving high volumes of vehicles and supporting all means of transportation, while minimizing impacts to adjacent communities.

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