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City of Calgary’s Liquor Consumption at Picnic Sites Pilot Project Postponed to 2020

After careful consideration, the City of Calgary has decided to postpone the pilot to allow liquor at Calgary Parks picnic sites, until summer 2020. The pilot has been postponed to ensure that park experiences remain positive for all Calgarians and allow more time to address concerns about the potential for an increase in disorderly behavior.

“With a divided public opinion, we need to make sure a pilot project is well thought out to ensure logistical and enforcement issues are addressed and park experiences remain positive for all Calgarians.” says Laura Smith, Calgary Parks Business and Policy Planner.

In response to a public desire originally expressed in the Parks and Pathway Bylaw Engagement, Calgary Parks has explored allowing liquor consumption at picnic sites in City parks. Over 15,000 people responded to the survey on allowing public consumption of alcohol at picnic tables. Results revealed a divided opinion with a slight majority in favour of the initiative. Whether for or against the initiative, many Calgarians expressed concerns about the potential for an increase in disorderly behaviour and drinking and driving.

The City will continue to work with stakeholders to address these issues and work towards a launch of this initiative for the 2020 summer picnic season.

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