City of Calgary Preparedness Tips for Severe Weather

With the recent run of severe thunderstorms and tornado watches we’ve experienced, now is a good time for all Calgarians to ask ourselves an important question: “What should I do when severe weather hits?”

The key to staying safe during severe weather events comes down to personal preparedness and knowing what to do when the weather hits.


  • Build a 72-hour kit. In the event of an emergency, responders may be busy assisting those in immediate danger. The 72-hour kit holds supplies to support you and your family for three days in an emergency situation.
  • Clear out your eaves troughs and downspouts on your home to allow for the free flow of water, and ensure downspouts are directed away from your home

When the storm hits

  • Take cover or stay indoors. This should be a place without windows or glass doors. If a sturdy building is not nearby, get into a hard-topped metal vehicle and close the windows. Stay inside until 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder.
  • Stay off the roads to prevent getting caught in fast moving or pooling water.
  • Do not drive through flooded roadways or underpasses.
  • Do not try to clear flooded catch basins yourself.
  • Stay away from manhole covers, drains and flooded areas.
  • Stay away from downed power lines.

Watch the video below for thunderstorm preparedness tips and advice.

For more information on how you can prepare for severe weather in Calgary, visit the Calgary Emergency Management Agency at