City of Calgary: Cycle Track Safety Tips

safety+tipsThe cycle track network has been officially open for seven weeks. During that time, thousands of people have been giving it a try. The average 16-hour weekday count shows that we have approximately 1,130 bicycle trips on 8 Avenue, 1,060 bicycle trips on 12 Avenue and 1,500 bicycle trips on 5 Street.

Whether you are driving, walking or cycling along the cycle track routes, please remember to look for and obey new signs, signals and pavement markings. If you are not sure how to navigate through the new bike turn boxes or what the dashed green paint means, we have put together some safety tips and reminders for those who drive, walk or bike.

New to cycling?

If you are new to cycling, or have not ridden a bike in a while, consider taking a course to improve your cycling skills. This will increase your comfort, confidence, and safety while cycling on-street, on the cycle tracks or on the pathways. A number of different bike riding courses are offered throughout the summer for all ages and skill levels. If you are not familiar with our pathway and bikeway system there is an interactive map and recently improved app that can help you plan your routes. The newly updated app features both iOS and Android versions, as well as new functionality.

Yield+to+Bicycles-+two+wayCycle track safety tips at a glance:

Remember to take extra care at intersections, alleys and entrances to parkades or businesses, as vehicles turn across areas where people will be riding bicycles and walking.

When cycling, always yield to pedestrians before turning.
When driving and preparing to turn across a cycle track look for traffic in both directions and yield to approaching bicycles.

New multi-use crossings for people walking and cycling have been added at key intersections along the route, such as 9 Avenue and Macleod Trail SE. A multi-use crossing is like a cross-walk, but it is shared by people on bikes and on foot. When turning across a multi-use crossing, motorists should yield the right-of-way to people walking and cycling.

Multi-use crossing (for pedestrians and cyclists)
Multi-use crossing (for pedestrians and cyclists)

New bicycle turn boxes have been added at some intersections along the cycle track routes to help people cycling make a safe left or right turn. They are painted bright green to help make them visible. Watch the video below for a demonstration on how to use a bicycle turn box.

Still have questions? A team of Bicycle Ambassadors is on-street all summer long sharing safety messages along the cycle track routes, at community festivals and in office towers.

For more information on the cycle track network visit