City of Calgary Resumes Work in the Rivers

Calgary, Alberta – The City of Calgary has made significant progress in restoring pathways and stabilizing riverbanks damaged during the June 2013 flood. As a continuation of those efforts, the City will resume work in both the Elbow and Bow Rivers, put on hold earlier this spring as part of regulations to protect river habitat.

To protect fish, work in or near rivers is governed by provincial and federal legislation that requires instream work to be completed during specific times of the year. The summer “fish window” for the Bow and Elbow rivers begins July 16 and remains open until September 15, allowing work to proceed in these rivers. Once the ‘fish window’ is closed, work will continue on the projects but will exclude any activity in the rivers.

The following are details of some of the projects:


The City of Calgary is anticipating to repair eight to 10 km of flood-affected pathways by late fall.

Bow River

Pathway paving will start on the pathway along the south bank of the Bow River in Inglewood at 8 Avenue SE.

In-stream work will begin in the following areas:

  • North bank of the Bow River at the 85 Street NW underpass
  • South bank of the Bow River in Bowness at the train trestle
  • South bank of the Bow River in Bowmont at 52 Street NW.
  • North Bank of the Bow River in Parkdale heading east of the Parkdale Plaza Project.

Elbow River

Work is continuing on the three Elbow river bridge locations (Sandy Beach, Rideau Park and Woods Park).

In-stream work will start in the following areas:

  • East bank of the Elbow River north of Stanley Park
  • South and east bank of the Elbow River as it curves around the Stampede grounds

River Work

River Clean Up

Water Services, in conjunction with Parks, Calgary Fire Department and Waste & Recycling Services, will continue cleanup in the Bow River, focussing on more than 80 locations along the river including against river banks and bridges that have been identified as containing significant accumulations of debris.

Riverbank Stabilization

The City has completed stabilization work at six critical and three high priority erosion sites and is now focusing on completing the remaining 12 high priority sites. This work includes erosion protection work, and pathway and outfall repairs. Locations include:

  • Bowness
  • Stanley Park
  • Pine Creek
  • Inglewood

Outfall Upgrades and Repairs

Repair work on damaged outfalls along the Bow and Elbow rivers will also resume. This work involves replacing existing outfall structures, bank stabilization and installing backflow prevention.

Your patience is appreciated

Due to the nature of work, some temporary pathway closures will be necessary. Calgarians are asked to obey all local closures and detours. Please check the Pathways Closures page on for the most current and up-to-date information.

For more information on flood recovery work please visit

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