The City of Calgary Cancels Naturalist Swim to be Held at Southland Leisure Centre

A thorough review has been conducted by Calgary Recreation and security experts. Due to concerns about safety and security arising from volatile public commentary, The City has cancelled a naturalist swim that was to be held Jan. 14, 2018 at the Southland Leisure Centre.

“Safety and security are always our primary concern. Under the Terms and Conditions of facility rental agreements, The City reserves the right to cancel or amend permits should special circumstances arise. Unfortunately, recent events have created the potential to impact the safety of participants, public and staff, and required the cancellation of this booking,” says James McLaughlin, acting director of Calgary Recreation.

The organizer has been made aware of the cancellation. No decision has been made about future bookings, and Calgary Recreation will work with the organizer on any potential future bookings.

“Private bookings involving naturalist swims have occurred at City facilities for many years without incident. Calgary Recreation would like to make clear that this cancellation was not due to the nature of the activity, but due to safety concerns,” says McLaughlin.

“Calgary Recreation provides an inclusive environment for a variety of sport, recreation and social groups. After-hours private bookings allow us to meet the needs of specific user groups without impeding facility access to the general public,” says McLaughlin.

All private bookings must meet City requirements. For example, no photography/videography is ever permitted in pools or change rooms.

Source: City of Calgary