Cielo is Recycling Waste into Fuel at their Aldersyde Refinery

Cielo’s Aldersyde refinery held an open house last week.

In a press release Don Allan, President & CEO of Cielo stated: “We (were) extremely excited to announce the Grand Opening of our Aldersyde Refinery, which has the potential to be the greenist refinery in the world. Our Aldersyde Refinery is engineered to convert multiple different garbage-derived feedstocks, including sorted municipal solid waste (garbage), wood and agriculture waste, tires, blue-box waste, all plastics, including those being shipped back to Canada from abroad, into high grade renewable diesel.” “….Cielo is going to make the planet a better place for generations to come by changing waste/garbage into renewable fuels.”

Who is Cielo?

Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (“Cielo”) strategic intent is to “Lead the waste to fuels industry using environmentally friendly, economically sustainable technology”. Cielo plans to construct renewable diesel refineries using alternate waste feedstocks. World energy needs continue to rise, creating a need to reduce our demand on a declining supply of fossil fuels. Mandates from Federal, Provincial and World governments for greener energy supplies make this the right time for renewable diesel production. In September 2010, the Canadian federal government announced every litre of diesel produced in Canada will require 2% renewable content and pushing for 5% by 2020. Most provinces than followed up with an additional 2-4% blend mandate. In Canada, these mandates today account for 653 million litres per year requirement with Canada importing approximately 633 million litres annually from Singapore, Argentina, Brazil and Finland. Currently, the world generates 2.2 billion tonnes of garbage annually and that number is expected to increase to 5.6 billion tonnes by 2025. Using garbage-derived feedstocks of Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) with cellulosic materials such as wet organics (compost), all plastics, tires, paper, cardboard, sawdust and wood, we will be opening the doors to an untapped source of energy, with profit forecasts that make this project a very attractive investment. Cielo in conjunction with its related party was able to develop a process design that is user-friendly that is superior to other Thermal Catalytic Depolymerization technologies. The technology has been reviewed by recognized 3rd party engineers and patent lawyers and has now been filed in the USA. The lower temperature and atmospheric pressure process combined with our proprietary (feedstock specific) catalyst will convert garbage-derived cellulosic wastes into a high-quality renewable ultra-low sulfur diesel, kerosene and naphtha fuels. Cielo’s 50 liter per hour demonstration plant was purchased in December 2012 and was located in Red Deer, Alberta. The demonstration plant operated as a “Batch Process” and has substantiated the Cielo technology. The testing program was very successful leading to our current phase of upgrading the technology to a commercial scale. Cielo’s first commercial renewable diesel refinery is currently being assembled and constructed in Aldersyde, Alberta, where our offtake clients and supply contractors are in close proximity.  The Aldersyde refinery has ran a few cycles and produced renewable fuels.  Furthermore, the company has sold its first 5,000 litres of Cielo produced diesel.