Chuckwagons Prepare for Final Half Mile of Hell

The dust has settled and the results are in after an exciting night of races on Saturday.

The top 8 drivers that were racing for the top 4 places, going into last nights race were:

Jason Glass, Kurt Bensmiller, Rick Fraser, Rae Croteau Jr, Jerry Bremner, Wayne Knight, Gary Gorst and Luke Tournier.

The four drivers that will be competing in Heat 9 tonight will be:

Kurt Bensmiller, Rae Croteau Jr, Gary Gorst and Jason Glass, defending his 2013 title.

Vern Nolin had the best time of the night winning day money coming in at 1:10:17.

Dustin Gorst received the Outstanding Outrider award yesterday.

On Friday Jason Glass won the Richard Cosgrave Memorial Award for best aggregate time after 8 nights of racing.

It should prove to be another exciting final tonight|