Christmas Decor Swap

Christmas Decor Swap

Christmas Decor Swap

Refresh your holiday décor this year at the Christmas Décor Swap! Bring in gently used Christmas Décor and swap it for something new-to-you. How does it work? Bring in an item, big or small, and choose any amount of items to take home. 

We’ve also got an Upcycled Christmas Decoration workshop happening the same day, after the swap is finished. Check it out!

November 30th 10am to 2pm

EPCOR Environmental Education Centre


If you can’t make it to the swap, or just want to drop off your decor early, the Conservation staff will be accepting early donations from November 25 to 29 at the front desk of the Operations Centre (100-1118 North Railway St). 

Please note: this is not the place to dispose of unwanted décor in poor condition. Use the Waste Wizard to see where old décor can be disposed of. Visit